Poison Pogs

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Ah, pogs. The ultimate playground craze of the 90s. Remember the satisfying thud as you slammed your stack onto the pavement, hoping to flip your opponent's pogs and claim victory? Or the thrill of opening a new pack and discovering a rare holographic pog inside? Pogs may have fallen out of fashion, but the memories of lunchtime pog tournaments will live on forever.

That is, until now...Poison Pogs are a collection of 10,000 NFTs. Each Pog is unique and randomly generated upon the minting process - including backgrounds, headwear, mouth props, and more. You can’t break these Pogs out on the street, but you can still trade at will.

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Every Poison Pog owner automatically gets access to

the G2 Minus App - the first end-to-end encrypted chat messenger

built on the Etherium network.

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Using end-to-end encryption built on Etherium, G2 Minus
users can be confident that their communications are
100% secure and cannot be intercepted or tampered with
by third parties.

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Chat Channels
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Private Messaging
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Rich Multimedia
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Meta Mansion

A virtual space exclusively built for Poison Pog owners to play 8-bit games, solve puzzles, win prizes, and more!

Who we are

Rip Bull Networks, Inc

Poison Pog NFTs are a concept from Rip Bull Networks, Inc. Our focus is to provide technology that makes communication and collaboration easier to accomplish. From feature-rich chat SDKs and chatbots, to immersive 3D environments for teams, we have the solutions for your organization or team.

Visit us at ripbullnetworks.com to learn more, or select the button below to view our whitepaper

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In-App Chat

Are you interested in white-labeling a messenger app that only uses a Web 3.0. login for your NFT project? Please visit inappchat.io to learn more.