Welcome to the skull bar

This virtual establishment is the home of Poison Pog, inspired by Rip Bull Networks products and services.

Those who purchase a Poison Pog NFT (residing on the Ethereum blockchain) will be granted benefits ranging from the ability to use our end-to-end encrypted messenger to accessing games and contests found within the Meta Mansion.

minting process, Token strength, & member Benefits

  • Each Pog is unique and randomly generated upon the minting process - including backgrounds, headwear, mouth props, and more. You can’t break these Pogs out on the street, but you can still trade at will.
  • The Pogs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. (See Record and Proof.)
  • Poison Pog owners have access to a modern, feature-rich E2E encrypted messenger named G2 Minus, granting them the ability to experience a truly private messaging platform. They will also have exclusive access to the Meta Mansion, which will be the home of a variety of fun activities such as 8-bit games, puzzles, contests, and more!

poison pog roadmap

View the schedule of our planned releases and events
Roadmap 1

june 15, 2022Internal Testing For G2 Minus

june 29, 2022Beta with G2 minus access

Roadmap 2
Roadmap 3

july 4, 2022Whitlist recipients notified

july 7, 2022pre-launch for exclusive private members

Roadmap 4
Roadmap 5

july 12, 2022Whitepaper Published

July 29, 2022Public Sale Begins At 12:00PM PST

Roadmap 6
Roadmap 7

August 1, 2022Merch store opens

October 31, 2022Skull Bar Grand opening

Roadmap 8
Roadmap 9

November 14, 2022G2 minus 2.0 Update

December 16, 2022Community volting begins

Roadmap 10
Roadmap 11

August 7, 2023Meta Mansion Opens

Who we are

Rip Bull Networks, Inc

Poison Pog NFTs are a concept from Rip Bull Networks, Inc. Our focus is to provide technology that makes communication and collaboration easier to accomplish. From feature-rich chat SDKs and chatbots, to immersive 3D environments for teams, we have the solutions for your organization or team.

Visit us at ripbullnetworks.com to learn more, or select the button below to view our whitepaper

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In-App Chat

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